Providing trusted guidance and service
in creating strong and viable businesses.

With 20+ years working one-on-one with leaders of organizations and their teams, from retail developers to non-profits, to start ups, we are committed to a collaborative, credible, results oriented relationship.


Management consulting with core industry experience including


Small business

Collaborating with the leaders of start-ups as well as long-standing small businesses to develop a plan of action, we leverage a collaborative, outside-in approach, using in-depth industry, market and customer insights, to provide you with an actionable, results oriented plan.  We guide and assist in implementation; focusing on strengths and overcoming hurdles, leveraging leadership and management best practices.

Retail Development

With the fast-changing retail landscape, we leverage industry insights to guide and assist leaders in developing an actionable plan for authentic and exceptional customer experience. We focus on innovative and authentic retail environments, market research, customer experience, improved operations, and sustainable results.  We are committed to best practices and increased sustainability. 



It is becoming more difficult for non-profit organizations to survive and fulfill their missions in an increasingly competitive environment. Stepping back from day-to-day tactics to develop purposeful and actionable strategic and development plans is key to long-term sustainability.  With non-profits, from start-ups to those with a legacy of service, we continue to be excited to work with the leaders and their teams who are making a difference in the lives of the people in our communities. 

It is often hard for leaders and managers to step back and see the big picture when one is neck deep in tactics and working closeup and hands on in keeping the business running.  Although business is logical and based on known practices; the identification of desired outcomes and setting a clear path to achieve them is not always so simple. Carol Schlossman Consulting brings a forward-looking, outside-in, constituent-focused approach.

“ I am passionate about the success of the companies whom I serve.”   - Carol

“ I am passionate about the success of the companies whom I serve.”

- Carol


Carol Schlossman, MBA, is a leader with broad experience and a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry.

Her path to consulting includes a diversity of experiences: education and coaching; government relations (in D.C.);  resettling refugees while a stay-at-home mom; attaining an MBA with a focus in market research and re-engineering of businesses; Director of Marketing for a regional shopping center; and then to a business software company that integrated into one of the largest tech companies in the world. Carol provided loyalty thought leadership and practices, lead the Loyalty Team, and provided consulting to the re-selling partners.  It was while working one-on-one with the entrepreneurial business owners, and experiencing the positive impact of collaborative and trusted guidance in moving their businesses forward, that she discovered that small business consulting is her work passion.

Skilled in Strategic/Outcome-Based Planning, Organizational Management, Entrepreneurship, Market Research, Customer Relationship Management, Development and Community Building. Her core industry experience includes technology, entrepreneurship, retail development, non-profits and the arts.


We work together with organizational leaders to validate insights. We provide trusted guidance that empowers smart decisions and actions that advance your organization to its next level of success and sustainability.


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